Planning and Development Commission

The Hardin County Planning and Development Commission meets at 5:00 PM, with meetings held on Tuesdays twice each month in the Meeting Room located on the second floor of the Hardin County Government Center, across from the Planning Commission Office.  All hearings and meetings are public meetings and open to the public. Check the calendar for specific dates as meetings are subject to change.

The Hardin County Planning and Development Commission is made up of five citizen members appointed by the Hardin County Fiscal Court and operates under legal guidelines established by Chapter 100 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes and their Bylaws. The Commission’s most important responsibilities include:

• preparing and assisting in the implementation of an areawide comprehensive plan that
   covers the Commission’s area of jurisdiction;
• appointing a director;
• preparing, publishing, and distributing reports and other materials relating to the
   business of the Commission;
• preparing and submitting an annual report and budget to Fiscal Court; and
• exercising general supervision for the administration of its affairs.

Current members of the Planning Commission (and the expiration of their terms) are as follows.

Mark Hinton - Chairman (April 2021)
Greg Lowe - Vice-Chairman (April 2020)
Larry Jaggers II - Secretary (April 2022)
Steve Steck - Member (April 2023)
Danny Percell - Member (April 2021)