the kentucky building code

The Kentucky Building Code works with architects, engineers, builders, contractors, developers, and citizens to resolve building and electrical code issues. The enforcement of building codes ensure that minimum requirements for safeguarding public health, safety, and welfare are met through structural strength, means of egress, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, and safety to life and property.

The department is responsible for performing building plan review on residential and commercial projects. It issues building permits and performs various field inspections from the beginning to the completion of a project. These inspections are required to ensure that projects are constructed per the approved plans and built to minimum standards of the building code.

Provisions and requirements of the Kentucky Building Code are not available online for reviewing or downloading. Copies of the various codes are available for purchase. For more information on obtaining various components of the Kentucky Building Code, please click on the appropriate link.


Mandatory January 1st, 2014
2013 Kentucky Building Code
2013 Kentucky Residential Code
will go into effect.
Any plans submitted after December 31st,
will be reviewed under the new code.